Friday, 11 July 2014


Earlier this year I sent a medical illustration of a skull to 24 artists disciplined in illustration, graffiti and tattooing from across the UK, France, Singapore, Australia, China and the USA and invited them to create a black and white artwork loosely inspired by it. My new 56 page book The Cranium Stockpile is a collection of all the submissions I received.

This book proudly presents artwork by Ghost RIS, Mitch O'Connell, Phlegm, Mark Riddick, French, KRSN, Rebecca Vincent, Poch, God Machine, Panda Mei, Liam Sparkes, Dom Morris, Tom J Newell, Freak City, Speak Cryptic, Chrysa Koukoura, 45 RPM, Gaser 142, Sketch Stance, Todd White, Craptical, Jimbob Isaac, Jay Croft & Kev Grey.

Available now for £7 a copy from the shop at and amazon.

Here are links to all the artists websites:
Ghost Ris
Mark Riddick
Rebecca Vincent
God Machine
Freak City
Mitch O'Connell
Liam Sparkes
Todd White
Dom Morris
Speak Cryptic
Sketch Stance
Jan Garet aka KRSN
Gaser 142
Jimbob Isaac
Panda Mei
Jay Croft
45 RPM
Chrysa Koukoura
Kev Grey
Tom J Newell