Monday, 19 August 2013

The Irish Rover

I took a trip to Ireland over the weekend to make a live painting for an in store event at the new Vans store in Dublin. However before I started my painting I went to find this statue of Phil Lynott as Dublin has always meant one thing to me and one thing only: Thin Lizzy! Thumbs up to Phil!

My job for the day was to make a 50x50" painting based on this sketch using acrylic paint and posca pens.

I had a nice spot to paint in the main window facing out to Grafton Street.

Almost permanently crippled my hand drawing thousands of dots.

Six hours later and I was finished.

Time for a well earned pint of Guinness, followed by a few more. Delicious.

All done. Taxi!

The painting will be permanently displayed at the Vans store, 45 Grafton Street, Dublin. Make sure you check it out if you're there!