Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Don't - Stop - Thinking About Tomorrow!

After three years my time with The Wet Spot has finally ended. I’ve really loved working on the show, seeing all the performers, meeting loads of good people who came to watch and also everyone who worked at the venue. Thanks to everybody.

So that’s it. After three years, a shit load of work and twenty successful shows it has been a pretty amazing achievement creating such a popular event and something I'll always be proud of. Thanks again to everybody involved.

The show will be continuing but without my involvement, so don’t say I didn’t warn you when you miss my usual beast of a DJ set, hand-painted banners and artwork next time you go!

In no particular order here are my all time favourite artists we featured:

Anna Fur Laxis

Cat Aclysmic

Des O'Connor

Bijou Noir

Trixie Malicious

The Bees Knees

Betty Brawn

Missy Malone

Frank Sanazi

Cherry Shakewell

Missy Macabre

It’s time to move forward. I’ll let Fleetwood Mac have the final word…