Friday, 19 March 2010

Deckades Exhibition

I'm pretty excited to be one of the artists asked to hand-paint an original 1980's skateboard for the Deckades exhibition opening at howies Bristol store next month.
Alongside the hand-painted boards the show will feature original skateboards from the past 3 decades which were distributed by Shiner, with boards from Dogtown, Sims, Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, Vision, Schmitt stix, G&S, Zorlac, Alva and Santa Monica Airlines.

I'll post pictures of my board as soon as I finish painting it.

Check out this trailer for the show:

Deckades skateboard exhibition trailer from howies on Vimeo.

Hopefully this Natas board will be in the show, I used to ride around on the same model when I was 10.

Here I am skating it in 1988...

Good times!